MyFACTS – Industry Specific Software Solutions

  • In specific to small businesses, MyFACTS restores the entire business data is in a centralized database providing the managers an eagle’s view look at their business processes. This helps to take quick informed decisions at the right time.
  • Provides complete business management solution for managing orders, customer details, inventory, payables, receivables, profit and loss account, balance sheet, track customers and vendors, sales orders, shipment tracking, purchase order creation and management, Request for Quotation (RFQ) and more.
  • Powerful, yet simple to use software system designed to help owners stream line the business processes, thus, giving them an upward trend in the performance, enhancing quick management decisions.
  • All the functional modules are closely knit to ensure automatic effortless flow of data improving the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the business.
  • MyFACTS is lighter version and has reliable functionalities.

Benefits from MyFACTS system
  • Increased revenue by better process management.
  • Intelligent decision-making possible:
With access to real-time information through a single and easy-to-use systemWith access to real-time information through a single and easy-to-use system.
Enhanced and forecasting possible with the use of reportsEnhanced and forecasting possible with the use of reports.
  • Enhanced competitiveness helps the company to:
Increase the satisfaction of customers by a reducing the response time.
Helps to deliver the services/goods to the customers on time and adequately.
Optimization of inventory processes by automating the purchase order creation.
Entering the shipment of goods and ensuring the situation of a just-in-time inventory balance.
  • Increased productivity of the team members:
An automated process teams out performs, thus, raising their own bench mark to a higher output level.
Teams take up additional responsibilities which helps to improve efficiency and productivity.