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FACTS Computer Software House LLC in Dubai delivers the finest HR & Payroll software to help improve your workforce management efficiently. Whether you are looking for a HR software, HRMS (Human Resource & Payroll Management software), WPS Compliance, Wage Protection System, Payroll software or convenient payroll service, our integrated solutions embrace a flexible Human Resources management system. These benefits improve your Administration and Payroll processing functionalities along with a Workforce Portal, Powerful Reporting and Business Intelligence tools embedded in our application.

We offer FactsSHARP Payroll software which provides employers and payroll service providers a powerful productivity tool to boost payroll solutions. FACTS HRMS (Human Resource & Payroll Management software) an ultimate Payroll Software Solution is a complete and comprehensive software package for small, mid-sized and large businesses. It further ensures maximum payroll processing efficiency, productivity and indirect profits by reducing unwanted overhead costs. Therefore, our Payroll Solutions have been designed to generate, document and manage Employee Details and processes of any scale. FactsSHARP HR & Payroll Software is beneficial to CEOs, CFO, HR Executives, CIO/IT department, Finance Manager, CHRO / Human Resources Department.

FactsSHARP is the only software application that unifies HR, Payroll, and talent management into a single system-of-record. Embedded analytics manager delivers user experience unlike any other enterprise application here in Dubai. FactsSHARP redefines the management of a global, mobile and diverse workforce.

High-level features of our FactsSHARP HR & Payroll Software

Human Resource Management Activity
Designed to help organize, staff, and pay GCC workforce, FactsSHARP’s features are modern, intuitive with self-service capabilities. Now both- users and administrators can access necessary information for their jobs efficiently.
Talent Sourcing & Management
Achieving your goals and objectives depends on the quality of people in your organization. With its powerful capabilities, FactsSHARP provides tools to manage, develop, align, and reward employees. Thus, making it an effective Payroll software in Dubai.
Well-organized Recruitment Events
The recruitment module is an end-to-end talent acquisition module to help organizations find, share, engage, and select and/or promote the best internal and external candidates.
Answers to Payroll & Compensation Requirements
Designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs, workday allocation, deductions, etc. the software provides flexibility and control of pay to the entire workforce, irrespective of where they are in GCC.
Time Tracking & Management
The time tracking feature is built in a way that is user- friendly, unified and global. Therefore, this feature helps organizations reduce labor costs, leave calculation, track and penalize defaulting employees, minimize compliance risks and increase worker productivity.
Salient Features of our FactsSHARP HR & Payroll Software
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee self-services and communication with employees.
  • Time & Attendance Management integrating with time and attendance machines (Bio-metric time attendance machine integration)
  • Travel requirements
  • Employee engagements – performance appraisal / Talent Management
  • Managing training requirements
  • HR Analytic requirements
  • Performance Management for the employees
  • Recruitment Management and offer roll-outs.
  • Payroll Solution Management
  • Cloud Hosting
WPS & SIF File Generation of FactsSHARP
  • Merging of employer and employee details that require Wage Protection System report.
  • Provides a complete automated system that generate Wage Protection System compatible with Reports.
  • Generates SIF (Salary Information File) in accordance with WPS.
  • Also, generates Salary File as per the required format of the customers, such as, SIF (Salary Information File) and CSV (Coma Separate Value Excel.
  • Validates the data before generating SIF.
  • Provides the list of Financial Institution/Banks as authorized by Central Bank of UAE.
Recruitment Module
  • Candidate database with details like
  • Offer date
  • Name
  • Position
  • Outlet
  • Nationality
  • Status/ Remarks
  • Contact Telephone Numbers
  • Email
  • Location etc.
  • Option of attaching Curriculum Vitae in MS Word / PDF format
  • Offer Letter Form – generation of printable offer letter format.
  • Facility to onboard a candidate to an employee in HR module
  • Follow-up status and audit trail of correspondence of each candidate.
Accommodation Module
  • Accommodation Unit (Rooms) master with tenancy contract with expiry details, number of persons for each category, other facilitates like land line telephone and internet connections.
  • Allocation of room/ bed to respective staff.
  • Generated availability and vacancy reports.
  • Company Asset / Consumables issuance, both refundable and non-refundable.
Transportation /Vehicle Management Module
  • Vehicle Master with service contract dates, etc. can be fed into the system.
  • Records of maintenance carried-out on each vehicle.
  • Records of fuel filling details with odometer readings.
  • Salik Recharge Expenses; vehicle-wise can be tracked.
Attendance Machines integration
  • Integration with compatible Time attendance Bio Matrix Machines to fetch attendance data.
  • Compatible network connectivity to be arranged by your IT department to have ODBC connectivity to the attendance database for automatic pulling of attendance data
Employee Self Service module (ESS)
  • Availability of Pay slips to the employees after the payroll finalization. The sample format can be provided.
  • Employee requests for further approval for:
  • Business Card
  • Salary Certificate
Other customizations
  • As a standard process across companies:
  • Annual Leave day calculations are based on the number of working days than the calendar days.
  • Annual Leave carry forward is permitted till next 6 months of its expiry.
  • Sick leave calculation as first 15 days full salary, next 15 days half salary, etc.
  • Easy shortcut menus for handy access of various options in the program, based on the work flow diagram and processes.
  • Payroll processing period need to be made definable as per the company policy.
  • Entry forms
  • Recurring Deductions (By Calendar)
  • General Comments – With Action Date
  • Air Ticket Deduction Form
  • Sick Leave Entry Form
  • Annual Leave Entry Form
  • Warning Letter Entry Form – Generation of Printable formats are possible.
  • Final Settlement – Generation of Printable formats are possible.
Customizable Reports
  • GTNA (Gross to Net)
  • Net-pay Reports
  • Results By pay-group
  • YTD Employee Wise Report (Deduction & Earnings)
  • YTD Outlet Wise Report (Deduction & Earnings)
  • Passport & Visa Expiry Report - (Outlet wise)
  • Sick Leave Report Outlet Wise
  • Turn Over Report (Resignations, Terminations, Absconding, Hire)
  • Nationality wise Report with Employee name, DOJ, etc.
  • General Report with all common fields in the master form (CSV).
  • Annual Leave Report Employee Wise with break down
  • Annual Leave Report Outlet Wise
  • General Comments Report
  • Bio-matrix Attendance Summary Report imported in to the system from the Bio-matrix database.
Exception in report
  • New Hires Report
  • Terminated / Resigned employees report
  • Transferred Employees Report
  • Pay on Last month, pay on this month if any changes (Gross Pay)
  • Salary on hold
  • Active employees not getting paid
  • Employees without bank account
  • Promotions & Salary Increments Report
  • Nationality Wise
  • Salary
Additional Requirements
  • Employee ID format(Auto Generation)
  • Upload Sheet to the software
Salient Features
  • Windows GUI, user friendly operations
  • Multiple Departments / Branches
  • Definable Groups/Analytical Fields in Masters
  • Multi-user Access & Restriction Control


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