Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a professional software solution for global companies that support business specific operational processes with a complete ERP (enterprise resource planning) functionality for HR process-flows and automated financial transaction processing. Therefore, it is an enterprise level financial management system which help manage your entire business operations over multiple countries and locations.

  • It offers a complete scalable operational and financial capability with advanced consolidation, robust BI (business intelligence) with a range of flexible, customizable analytical reports which helps in budgeting and forecasting. This helps the Finance manager in advanced consolidation calculations to the simplest reporting requests.
  • Integration and seamless automation is possible with stable reports and this helps to support your critical business needs.
  • It empowers your team to anticipate and involve the required changes so that your business can thrive in this complicated today’s business scenarios.
  • The look and the feel like very Microsoft product would be similar to the other Microsoft product. Their products are user friendly which offer task based user experience.
  • The product can be quickly implemented with less time to learn the system, less time to customize and develop.
  • With the customized solution from FACTS, the Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you a Tier 1 ERP software solution. This solution can be standardized business processes improved management visibility across the entire organization.
  • We offer a comprehensive customization including modular, structural and custom reports.
  • Our Microsoft certified Dynamic AX team are well qualified and with in-depth industry specific knowledge with over 15 plus years' experience.
  • Integration of your entire business processes to give your people the power to improve their daily productivity.
  • Unleash the employee potential with an integrated system HR functionality.
  • Your sales team can provide better customer service on the field.
  • A complete audit trail which helps to trace, track, approve and deliver.
  • The global regulatory compliance procedures can be tracked.
  • Empower all your employees to smartly perform their daily activities and this helps in the informed decision making process.
  • It is built on .net technologies and can be integrated with other tools like the Microsoft office, etc.

With a great attention to the retail, servicing, private, public and manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics AX includes the below features:

  • In a small or a global business, you would have grown financially and might have been adding new vendors / customers and employees.
  • Also your business might have begun businesses in multiple countries / currencies and might have also added many lines of businesses.
  • And the current system you are using might have become a legacy system which does not have the new business processes. You need to have a total complete system which is robust enough to manage not only the year end reporting but also the total cash flow management / accounting (automatic accounting entries corresponding to every transaction). Therefore, a complete control of the entire business and finance.
  • A complete eagle’s view of all the company financial reports for the CFO and management. As a manager, you can completely bring in all the process re-engineering to bring business impacts to your businesses.
  • Customized dashboard department and user wise.
  • All the day to day tasks can be scheduled with reminders for each user which helps to simplify tasks in the approval flow, which in turn helps to increase the individual productivity.
Human resources:
  • The main focus from an HR stand point is to get the best resources and retain them. Get their appraisals done through the system, manage their accommodation, leave management, payroll processing, management the expiry of licenses and documents, and more
  • Role, level and department wise dashboards with key process and performance indicators which offers clear visibility.
  • Armor your HR team to ensure they concentrate on sourcing the right candidate, at the right time. All the admin processes are atomized with reminder facilities for the respective tasks.
  • Total management of confidential employee details across the company.
  • Customized self service options for the employees.
  • Manufacturing businesses need flexible, easy user friendly software to manage their competitive business and different supply chain processes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX addresses the need for an integrated, powerful system to manage and reduce the cost in the manufacturing and distribution environment.
  • Enable speed and agility in the respective global manufacturing processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is therefore, an all-rounder for your entire company businesses from:
  • Financial,
  • HR and payroll management,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Vendor management,
  • Reporting system,
  • Total supply chain management,
  • HR and payroll management,
  • Reporting system,
  • BI (business intelligence),
  • Project / service process management


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