FactsERP – ERP Software Dubai, UAE

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FactsERP with an out of the box approach

FactsERP, an integrated FTA approved ERP made in Dubai for UAE that offers complete business process automation. It is already recognized and appreciated by most reputed, renowned business houses in UAE as the most suitable VAT Enabled ERP software made in Dubai for UAE region. A complete FactsERP that helps in business automation that helps SMEs and large organizations to streamline their business operations, reduce costs, improve productivity, leverage industry best practises, stay compliant with tax rules & reports and procedures and take more informed decisions. Our ERP Software is operationally proficient, easy to use, responsive, which makes us the highly demandable ERP solution provider in Middle East especially in UAE.
  • 99.9% better inventory control with our ERP solutions enabled with PDA and barcode/RFID
  • 360-degree view of your projects with our contracting ERP
  • 1500 + successful custom implementation in UAE
  • FTA accredited VAT ERP/Accounting module as per UAE law
  • Comply with UAE labour law with our HR and Payroll software
  • Low total Cost of Ownership(TCO)
  • Quick return on investment (ROI)
  • On average increased 36% operational efficiency.
  • Simple user interface/user experience (UI/UX).
  • Higher user acceptance.
  • Build in line with global standard.
  • Support from Dubai office with one of the biggest team based locally .
  • Customized ERP Solution made in Dubai for UAE.
With 17+ years of rich experience in ERP software development and implementation practise for various industries such as General Trading, Building Material Trading, Auto Spare Parts Trading, Fruit & Vegetable Trading, Food Manufacturing, Contracting, Construction, Engineering Consulting and Job Costing in Dubai, making us the most versatile ERP software company in UAE.
  • Inbuilt Chat system – Within our FactsERP, communication can be sent to accomplish assigned tasks.
  • Global Search Engine – Invoice, transaction and item searches can be performed within our FactsERP.
  • Graphical data representation with BI (Business Intelligence) & KPI (Key Process Indicators) on the log-in Desktop screen.
  • Reports and item can be sent automatically as SMS / Emails.
  • Real- Time Stock details and Dashboards will be easily accessible to the Managers/ Sales and Dispatch team on their mobile devices.
  • Reminders, Document Expiry Alert and items will be displayed on the log-in FACTS Desktop screen.
  • User friendly and enhanced accounting entry systems as well as Chart- of-Accounts.
  • Accurate and reliable reports with data updated on real time basis.
  • Customizable and exportable reports based on the user requirements.
  • Effective management of the HR & Payroll operation.
  • Enhanced features of the Fixed Assets Management module.
  • Barcode scanning feature for quick stock entry and dispatch of goods.
  • Branches, warehouses and retail shops have access to real-time data.
  • Augmented stock control of multiple locations.
  • New Groups and Analytical Fields definable under Accounts & Stock Master.
  • Efficient Activity and Cost Center management for analyzing accounting transactions.
  • Improved control modules of Post-dated cheque with reminders.
  • Business Intelligence Reports based on user parameters like pie charts, bar charts and other graphical presentation.
  • Quick after-sale support & service track record since the software development center is located in Dubai
  • Enhanced real-time Inventory Control system with automated Accounting entries
  • Multi-Currency management system with exchange rates.
  • Enriched Job-costing modules with customizable reports.
  • Provides Customer Credit-Limit Control system to ensure customer’s credit limit.
  • Role based Multi-user Access with restriction of accessible screens.
  • Approval system based on multi-level and hierarchy levels in the organization.
  • Improvised Estimation Management Module with customized reports.

The advantages of implementing FactsERP Generation 3 Software Solution
  • Re-engineering your company’s processes to the best potential of every member.
  • Customizable ERP solution to make quick decision and prompt response to seasonal customer’s buying needs.
  • To innovate and re-organize your company’s processes as per the best industry specific practices.
  • Constantly monitor your business processes using BI Reports and dashboard.
  • Budgeted target comparison with actual sales figures to forecast in an efficient way.
  • Accomplish effective and efficient operational processes from procurement stages to Order processing to the Final Dispatch and Shipment of goods.
  • Access to the real-time data to quick management decision.

Detailed Features of FactsERP
Financial Accounting
  • Statement of Accounts can be consolidated for the group companies having individual Trial balance or Group Trial balance.
  • Monthly Comparison.
  • Enhanced and elaborate customer age analysis reports.
  • Multiple Budgets can be set on FactsERP.
Department-wise Budgetary Control.
  • The grouping feature entails multiple methods of Financial Statements.
  • Automated Recurring Journal Voucher entries can be set on FactsERP.
  • Daily bank position reports can help the management with inflow and outflow of finance.
  • Management of incoming and outgoing cheques through PDC module by an integrated and non-integrated system.
Inventory Control
  • Improved stock control system with multiple units and individual conversions.
  • Accessibility to complete history of customer’s last price inquiries as well sales figures.
  • Enhanced Barcode Label Printing module.
  • Interface of PDT machines provide quick and effective stock compilation.
  • Efficient management of complete sales and purchase movement analysis.
Payroll and Personnel Management
  • System built to abide by the UAE Statutory labor laws.
  • Effective WPS & SIF File Generation as per the government rules.
  • Integration with various attendance machines.
  • Complex Job costing with labor hour allocation.
  • Wage disbursement with accurate over-time calculations.
Job Costing
  • Job sheet for each job with complete history of transactions.
  • Overhead distribution of expenses and incomes jobs will ascertain the exact profitability of each job undertaken.
  • Summarized glimpse of income and material used.
  • Provides labor involved for each job, sub-contract history and other expenses incurred for each job.
  • Work-in-Progress display and Deferred Revenue can be viewed.
  • Based on the percentage of completion of the project- the Profit and Loss Account can be automatically transferred.
  • Comparison with Estimates and Actuals can quickly be generated.
  • Progressive Invoicing and Retentions based invoicing methods can be followed.
  • Visual display of the Cost Accounts with enhanced and flexible representation.
  • Order based or batch based production management.
  • BOQ (Bill of Quantity) for standard Production can be generated.
  • Work-In-Progress Reports provide an understanding of completed versus targeted.
  • Material Consumption Calculation reports can be generated.
Fixed Assets Management
  • Addition and Disposal of Assets will help effective management.
  • Depreciation can be effectively charged to each of the Fixed Assets.
  • Current value of the Fixed Asset can be quickly arrived. Schedules of a flexible depreciation, period wise or rate wise can be set.
Estimation Module
  • Rates are defined based on various cost components to arrive at the total solution estimation amount including the profit set on the system.
  • Markup-percentages help in quick preparation of Quotations and Tenders.
Purchase Module
  • Quick Request-for-quotation process.
  • Quotation retrieval from the history of transaction with a supplier.
  • Supplier to Supplier Analysis for effective decision making.
  • Procurement of the best item at the right time and at the right price.
  • Enhanced Approval system in place and quick Purchase order creation.
Customer Relation Management Module
  • Effective Call login management system.
  • Provides Customer detail entry forms.
  • Customer History can be generated from and to the customer.
  • Call allocation and management of effective incident management.
  • Call Status can rapidly be generated from the system.