FactsERP – ERP Software Dubai, UAE

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FactsERP with an out of the box approach

Companies that deploy a Global ERP solution out-perform its competitors which shows in their performance. FactsERP is operationally efficient, user friendly and responsive which makes it the best ERP Solution Company in United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a complete Global ERP Solution, these companies display:
  • Higher Proportioned Profits
  • Quick growth and turnaround
  • Assured Superior Customer-Service Delivery
  • Greater Alertness to key deliverables and control over funds
  • Achieve Higher Margins
  • Inbuilt Chat system – Within our FactsERP, communication can be sent to accomplish assigned tasks.
  • Global Search Engine – Invoice, transaction and item searches can be performed within our FactsERP.
  • Graphical data representation with BI (Business Intelligence) & KPI (Key Process Indicators) on the log-in Desktop screen.
  • Reports and item can be sent automatically as SMS / Emails.
  • Real- Time Stock details and Dashboards will be easily accessible to the Managers/ Sales and Dispatch team on their mobile devices.
  • Reminders, Document Expiry Alert and items will be displayed on the log-in FACTS Desktop screen.
  • User friendly and enhanced accounting entry systems as well as Chart- of-Accounts.
  • Accurate and reliable reports with data updated on real time basis.
  • Customizable and exportable reports based on the user requirements.
  • Effective management of the HR & Payroll operation.
  • Enhanced features of the Fixed Assets Management module.
  • Barcode scanning feature for quick stock entry and dispatch of goods.
  • Branches, warehouses and retail shops have access to real-time data.
  • Augmented stock control of multiple locations.
  • New Groups and Analytical Fields definable under Accounts & Stock Master.
  • Efficient Activity and Cost Center management for analyzing accounting transactions.
  • Improved control modules of Post-dated cheque with reminders.
  • Business Intelligence Reports based on user parameters like pie charts, bar charts and other graphical presentation.
  • Quick after-sale support & service track record since the software development center is located in Dubai
  • Enhanced real-time Inventory Control system with automated Accounting entries
  • Multi-Currency management system with exchange rates.
  • Enriched Job-costing modules with customizable reports.
  • Provides Customer Credit-Limit Control system to ensure customer’s credit limit.
  • Role based Multi-user Access with restriction of accessible screens.
  • Approval system based on multi-level and hierarchy levels in the organization.
  • Improvised Estimation Management Module with customized reports.

The advantages of implementing FactsERP Generation 3 Software Solution
  • Re-engineering your company’s processes to the best potential of every member.
  • Customizable ERP solution to make quick decision and prompt response to seasonal customer’s buying needs.
  • To innovate and re-organize your company’s processes as per the best industry specific practices.
  • Constantly monitor your business processes using BI Reports and dashboard.
  • Budgeted target comparison with actual sales figures to forecast in an efficient way.
  • Accomplish effective and efficient operational processes from procurement stages to Order processing to the Final Dispatch and Shipment of goods.
  • Access to the real-time data to quick management decision.

Detailed Features of FactsERP
Financial Accounting
  • Statement of Accounts can be consolidated for the group companies having individual Trial balance or Group Trial balance.
  • Monthly Comparison.
  • Enhanced and elaborate customer age analysis reports.
  • Multiple Budgets can be set on FactsERP.
Department-wise Budgetary Control.
  • The grouping feature entails multiple methods of Financial Statements.
  • Automated Recurring Journal Voucher entries can be set on FactsERP.
  • Daily bank position reports can help the management with inflow and outflow of finance.
  • Management of incoming and outgoing cheques through PDC module by an integrated and non-integrated system.
Inventory Control
  • Improved stock control system with multiple units and individual conversions.
  • Accessibility to complete history of customer’s last price inquiries as well sales figures.
  • Enhanced Barcode Label Printing module.
  • Interface of PDT machines provide quick and effective stock compilation.
  • Efficient management of complete sales and purchase movement analysis.
Payroll and Personnel Management
  • System built to abide by the UAE Statutory labor laws.
  • Effective WPS & SIF File Generation as per the government rules.
  • Integration with various attendance machines.
  • Complex Job costing with labor hour allocation.
  • Wage disbursement with accurate over-time calculations.
Job Costing
  • Job sheet for each job with complete history of transactions.
  • Overhead distribution of expenses and incomes jobs will ascertain the exact profitability of each job undertaken.
  • Summarized glimpse of income and material used.
  • Provides labor involved for each job, sub-contract history and other expenses incurred for each job.
  • Work-in-Progress display and Deferred Revenue can be viewed.
  • Based on the percentage of completion of the project- the Profit and Loss Account can be automatically transferred.
  • Comparison with Estimates and Actuals can quickly be generated.
  • Progressive Invoicing and Retentions based invoicing methods can be followed.
  • Visual display of the Cost Accounts with enhanced and flexible representation.
  • Order based or batch based production management.
  • BOQ (Bill of Quantity) for standard Production can be generated.
  • Work-In-Progress Reports provide an understanding of completed versus targeted.
  • Material Consumption Calculation reports can be generated.
Fixed Assets Management
  • Addition and Disposal of Assets will help effective management.
  • Depreciation can be effectively charged to each of the Fixed Assets.
  • Current value of the Fixed Asset can be quickly arrived. Schedules of a flexible depreciation, period wise or rate wise can be set.
Estimation Module
  • Rates are defined based on various cost components to arrive at the total solution estimation amount including the profit set on the system.
  • Markup-percentages help in quick preparation of Quotations and Tenders.
Purchase Module
  • Quick Request-for-quotation process.
  • Quotation retrieval from the history of transaction with a supplier.
  • Supplier to Supplier Analysis for effective decision making.
  • Procurement of the best item at the right time and at the right price.
  • Enhanced Approval system in place and quick Purchase order creation.
Customer Relation Management Module
  • Effective Call login management system.
  • Provides Customer detail entry forms.
  • Customer History can be generated from and to the customer.
  • Call allocation and management of effective incident management.
  • Call Status can rapidly be generated from the system.