FactseBiz – A Global fully incorporated Virtual ecommerce Software Solution

Welcome to the best E-commerce web solution in the Middle East to overcome the challenges faced by today’s modern businesses. Our in-house web solution, FactseBiz is a virtual web E-commerce application that combines the most commonly used E-Business functions and modules into one affordable integrated software application. This is a virtual web application which helps the business grow efficiently by building the company’s web site with a complete list of contents and maintain their web store with a complete shopping cart software solution. Furthermore, FactseBiz provides search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) programs to ensure the site ranks best in the search list.
Benefits of FactseBiz include:
  • Conceived for tomorrow – the desktop application uses the latest web service technology to securely connect to the data over the internet. FactseBiz offers LAN comparable to performance over the internet.
  • With B2C and B2B operations, a single point of data application controls both the- back office and the company’s web site business.
  • With technology and real-time data, the entire company can function from the local server or web server at ease. Thus, helping companies provide best customer service through our integrated FactseBiz application.
  • E-commerce is designed to run company’s web store, while E-Business is designed to run the entire organization. FactseBiz uses one point of access for data by eliminating the need to import and export data between applications.
  • All transactions are processed from the web store to the accounting. This helps in ensuring accurate financial data, up-to-date reports and a complete audit trail.
  • Real-time stock reports help in promptly ordering based on the sales requirements. Customer details, payment term, credit limit, shipping details, etc. are assigned to customer master. Local and foreign taxes, discounts can also be included in the invoicing.
  • The ability to prepare customized reports, dashboards and business intelligence are some core feature in FactseBiz solution.
  • As customers place their orders online, the orders are instantly available at the backend system for processing and dispatch. When inventory is updated at the back end, the web is simultaneously updated to ensure accurate stock supply.
  • Provides direct "link" capabilities to content information and visual displays existing on client website. E-catalogue can be updated with new products or modification of prices without the expense and time of a traditional print catalogue.
  • Extensive search capabilities by item, manufacturer, price or any other specified need.
  • Reduced marketing/advertising expenses.
  • Eliminating physical stores as well as reducing transaction costs.
  • Reduced delay in customer delivery and increase customer service.
  • Provides customers control over sales process.
  • Secured, automated registration verification, account entry and transaction authorization features.
  • Automated RFP and RTQ features for vendor bid development and selection.
  • Banking and accounting features customized for pre-approved third party direct sales, vendor, consignment or internal transfer transactions.
  • Recent advancements in payment technologies allow encrypted, secure payment online.


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